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2022 Calendar

July 2022

$20 Annual Membership Fee for 2022 NOW reduced to $10.00.

$5 per class. Visitors $6 per class.

Prime Movers do not break for school holidays during the year. 

Classes for 2022 will recommence on Monday, 4th July 2022.

Please note when paying your membership fee for 2022, you must show your Covid double vaxed certificate. Un-vaccinated persons will not be permitted to attend any Prime Movers class.


May 2022

It’s official! This month Prime Movers is 35 years old and what a wonderful service it has provided to you and the community.

We still have the same core values as well as a duty of care, particularly over the past 2 years with COVID-19 being our worst enemy. What a difficult time it has been, however we are back in classes week commencing Monday 4 July 2022!

I would like to point out one of the reasons why Prime Movers classes are not starting until 4 July. Some elective surgery had been postponed; as a result Prime Movers had up to 30 classes per week (almost half our total weekly number) to cover during the months of May and June. This amount of relief could not be sustained over two months or more - not sufficient Instructors. Instructors are not invincible, they too can have health issues. As it is we already have over 30 classes to cover for the month of July.

I would greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Also, please contact your Instructor or Host/Hostess as some class times have changed. This occurred by Prime Movers being out of action for a prolonged period of time and some venues re-booked our time with other organisations. We knew the risk, however our duty of care was such, we took the chance. If your class time changed please continue to support us and hopefully in 2023 we will get our old time slot back. (The timetable on the website will be updated as soon as all changes have been finalised).

We are very proud of being 35 years old and should you have a Prime Movers story to share, or a message, I would encourage you to send it to the Secretary –

We would love to hear from you – a message of your experience over the time you have been a Prime Movers, a special memory or special message to share about your wonderful Instructor.

Prime Movers still require all our members to be doubled vaccinated and now the flu season is almost upon us, it is time for the flu jab!

Take care of yourself and fellow Prime Movers.

We look forward to seeing you during the week commencing Monday 4 July 2022.

Warm wishes

Pauline Whitby



May 2022

Prime Movers (Inc) would like to invite expressions of interest for an important position which will become vacant this year. 

The Secretary of the organisation is retiring as at the AGM. This position is a demanding and very important role within the organisation. 

Ideally, the person we are seeking would be familiar with Prime Movers, but it is not essential.  They would be competent with MS Word, Excel and Outlook; have good communication and organisational skills, and be committed to the tasks at hand.

Full training is offered together with a small honorarium at the end of the year.

If you believe you have the necessary skills to fulfil this position, please contact Judith via email - or by phone 9386 2049 - setting out your details, experience and what you can bring to Prime Movers.