Prime Movers Fitness and Exercise for Over 50s

Prime Movers - movement to music

Exercise for the over 50 's
If you would like to improve your health and fitness Prime Movers is the place to go.

With a membership of over 5000 men and women, Prime Movers provide exercise for the active older adult.

Over 75 classes are held each week in the metropolitan area and Mandurah area. They are conducted by accredited volunteer instructors.

Classes are structured to include stretching, low impact aerobics and muscle work, all carried out in a friendly environment to familiar music.

Annual membership is $17

Class fees are $3, and visitors are welcome $4 per class.

Prime Movers (Inc) ABN 40 113 633 009 is a not for profit organisation.

For further information please contact
Secretary: Judith on 9386 2049 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

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Prime Movers have classes all over Perth and also in Mandurah.

Our easy to use Timetables show you where the classes are held, what time and who is your instructor.

View Timetables

View Timetables